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Smart Modular Kitchen

A fantastic head starts on the journey of turning your house into a home. Complete modular & site work is built in a controlled factory environment in sections. These are a precisely prefabricated structure that adds glory to your home.

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Interior Design

Develop your indoor spaces functional, safe, and beautiful by determining the space requirement with decorative items such as colors, lighting & materials. Achieve an aesthetically pleasing environment by crafting exclusive interior designs for a luxury home.

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Home Lighting

Aladi interior assists you in designing a beautiful lighting scheme for your home. Execute the lighting design of the home to create the perfect ambiance of the room. Set a mood and define your home with the perfect telltale sign of home lighting.

Our Story

Who we are

Aladi Interiors is one of the firm interior design companies having expertise in interior designing & execution. We are a strong team with great ideas, vast resources, and diverse clients that are based on full-service architecture and design practice led that enhance the journey that begins to the dream home.

The scope of work extends from initial concept design to detailed specification, construction, fit-out, and ultimately the dressing of an individual. We have a team of specialist craftsmen, who work with a large network of specialists who are able to bring a unique level of quality required. Aladi Interiors is dedicated to creating spaces that embody a sensorial experience i.e. graceful, vibrant, adaptable, and healthy to users & community.

Our Site Services Cover Every Need You Can Think Of

False Ceiling
  • Gypsum Horizontal Panel Supply
  • Installation of Gypsum Ceiling
  • Vertical Panel with Cove and More!
  • Premium Wall Painting
  • POP Punning
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Texture Paint and More!
Electrical Services
  • Creating New Boards from Existing Boards
  • Shifting Electrical Boards
  • TV & Telephone Point
  • Light, Fan, AC Installation and More!
Civil Services
  • Kitchen & Wall Demolition
  • Demolition and Installation of New Floor Tiles
  • Debris Removal
  • Creation of New Wall and More!
Shower Partition
  • Source the Right Glass Shower Partition
  • Install the Partition in Your Bathroom

How it Works

Step 1

Meet the Design Expert. Detailed discussion on interior requirement, expert and budget friendly suggestions, estimates.

Step 1

3D design presentation based on floor plan

Step 1

Exact cost estimate based on the revised design estimates.

Step 1

Sign up by paying 5% and get 3D views based on actual site measurements.

Step 5

Approval of the final production drawing in order to move the project to production. 50% of estimated project value to be paid at this stage.

Step 5

On payment of 40% of the project value the materials produced will be dispatched to the site.

Step 5

Select your loose furniture, wallpaper, lightning and wall textures as per the final design concepts shown in your 3D. Your Designers will be in touch with you to plan and help you make the right selections.

Step 5

Installation is completed with deep cleaning. Your dream home is ready for Hand Over with a 10 year warranty certificate.

What You Get

Living/Dining Room

TV Unit, TV Back Panelling, Crockery Unit, Bar Unit, Bookshelf


Wardrobes, TV Unit, Bed with Storage, Dressing Unit, Study Unit


Countertops, Backsplashes, Accessories, Shutters, Storage

Innovative Storage

Janitor Unit, Skirting Drawer, Pantry Pull Out, Appliance Garage, Hidden Bar Cabinet, Magic Corner

Interior Design Services

False Ceiling, Wall Panelling, Decor Accents, Lighting, Furnishing, Appliances

Home Improvement Services

Painting, Bathroom Remodelling, Tiling, Plumbing, Electrical, Civil Work, Deep Cleaning

Critical Thinking

Concept & Details .

Design is our only passion. The main aim of Aladi Interiors is to inspire you to work in a way that interior design moves you. An accurately elaborated design brings an essential difference in the perception and well-being of the homeowners and residents. Aladi Interior accompany you and your project from the first idea through project control to quality management and turning your dream into reality. Aladi Interior covers the journey of your dream house into reality.

The primary concept adapted by Aladi Interior is that we satisfy our customers and inspire them. The requirement of our clients is very vicious to us. Aladi Interior stays up to date with the latest technology and creates unique designs.

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We Make

Perfection .

Aladi Interiors are passionate about making the projects a success. Perfection comes in when individuals have fun in doing work. Having fun in working stimulates creativity and ingenuity.

We offer convenience & provide the best interior design services available. We offer an opportunity to design your dream home! We want to offer a keen eye for detail & dedication to quality. Aladi Interior provides a well-planned project that makes sure for homeowners to get access to products that are built to last. We deliver complete transparency for our projects. We offer fast execution on our ideas. We deliver an efficient project with complete perfection.

Our Works .

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Perfect Design

With highly trained expert professionals, Aladi Interior designs customized designs according to the preference of the client.

Carefully Planned

Our experts craft designs according to the requirement of the client and these are planned such that everything fits in well and efficiently.

Smartly Execute

Our team of professionals executes the work so well that we lead in perfection and provides effective and efficient results.

Our Legacy .

Aladi Interior has a unique legacy that has taken the possession of satisfying every client with unique and customized designs. Blissful designs that have innovative creativity have mere tranquil existence. We allow individuals to explore more than just design ideas with our experts. You can attain easy access to installation services. Aladi Interior ensures a safe experience from design to installation.

We are a one-stop solution for everything that helps you in achieving your desired dream home. We know every client is unique and we make sure that your home is too. With our unique brands, you will love our vast range of furniture, furnishing, and décor. We turn your home into a reality. Aladi interior ensures that everything is in place that turns your dream home into your reality.

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We are just a call away from crafting your house with beautiful designs. Our services are available all over Karnataka

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